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A mid-Michigan restaurant owner said he has been pinched by the pandemic and is closing his doors as a result.

A mid-Michigan restaurant owner said he has been pinched by the pandemic and is closing his doors as a result.

"I was kind of waiting for a big push from the government, you know, to say, 'we're opening up.' Or 'businesses are coming back to work down here.' And it just didn't materialize," said Rich Kramer, owner of Richie Rich's Downtown Deli in Saginaw.

The deli will close its doors for the last time on Friday, April 30. Kramer said the restaurant was able to get by for a while, thanks to delivery and carry-out, along with employees who offered to work for tips only. But without a steady stream of revenue from downtown employees who are working from home right now, the math didn't add up.

"We left it all out on the field. I mean, we gave it everything we got, and it just happened to fall out that way," Kramer said.

Customers are upset Richie Rich's will be done for good this week.

"I'm really sad. I walk here. I'm addicted to their chicken salad, and I will miss them deeply. When you see something like this it affects everybody, the whole community, when you lose a business," said Robin Johnson, customer.

Johnson wishes Kramer all the best. She's hoping for one thing before he closes shop.

"Can I get your number so that you can make me chicken salad," Johnson said.

When Kramer opened Richie Rich's in 2019, he thought he was coming in at the right time with so much happening downtown. The pandemic changed everything and on Friday, Kramer's business will be latest one we've lost during these trying times.

"Thank you, Saginaw. I've had a great two years, great time. Had my ups and downs here but just thankful to get to do this again for a little bit," Kramer said.

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