After more than a year of waiting, Vernon Loree is officially back home after having to move due to the 2020 Sanford flood and a summer storm delayed him in August.

Project Vernon Rebuilt was a project created by the Islamic Center of Midland to get Loree back into his family home.

"Everything is better than I expected," Loree said.

A home restoration over a year and a half in the making is now finished. The flooding in Sanford back in May of 2020 damaged Loree's home to an unlivable state with 30 inches of water inside.

"We found out that the water was wicking up the walls, so we had to tear the whole house down to the studs," Loree said.

The Islamic Center of Midland and Micke Roebuck, the owner of Roebuck Builders, worked to renovate his home thanks to the help of donations.

"There was no drywall, no nothing on it," Roebuck said. "The house was done for about eight hours."

Disaster struck for a second time in August of 2021.

"I drove by and seen a giant tree go through the entire roof. So, we had to come back and do the entire house again," Roebuck said.

It was back to square one for Roebuck and Loree.

"We decided to go for it," Roebuck said.

Knocked down twice to standing up three times. Loree moved into his home made new again on Wednesday.

"We were just asked to make it look how it looked before," Roebuck said.

They were able to save some of the original walls and make the shell of a house a home for Loree again.

"I'd like to thank everybody involved that helped out and donated. Thank you very much," Loree said.

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