When the dams broke Sanford native and Midland resident Christie McDonald and her family were devastated.     

While her and her parents’ homes were safe, her sister’s home was completely washed away.

Over the past couple of months Christie noticed those who were delivering meals were starting to dwindle.  

So, she picked a family to cook for and now it is a whole community.

“It just so happened to be a Tuesday evening and I picked a family of five and I had delivered them dinner,” she said. “But I had made 20 meals total.  So, after I gave them the five meals my mom and I drove around and just stopped by people’s houses and offered them a meal. They were so happy.  They were so happy to get a warm meal.  A lot of them do not have power they do not have any way to cook.  I told my mom I can’t stop after this week.  What I witnessed, and they were so gracious for the meal I said I have to keep doing this.”

She has served about 500 meals in the last eight weeks only on Tuesday nights. And she has no plans to stop. Of course, that has come with a price tag. 

So, to help fund the meals Christie has been selling these Sanford Strong tee shirts and stickers and taking food donations through her Facebook page.

Her biggest concerns are people forgetting about the flood victims especially with winter just around the corner.

“My biggest fear is that there are still families living in campers and they don’t have anything in the works,” she said. “And so, sorry I get choked up thinking about it.  But when the weather turns cold and you have five people living in a camper. I’m just not sure what they are going to do.  And I feel like every time I drive by what are they going to do it is getting closer and closer. And there is just nothing in the works to get them out of a camper.”

You can help Christie by contacting her on Facebook.

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