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Santa is speaking out after many letters from children concerned about how COVID-19 will impact Christmas.

Santa is speaking out after many letters from children concerned about how COVID-19 will impact Christmas.

“This whole year has made Mrs. Claus and I both feel a little bit down,” Santa said. “It’s been a very difficult and challenging year.”

Like everything else in 2020, usual traditions around the holidays may look different.

Children know a chipper holiday season may be at risk.

So, we got a chance to talk to the man himself.

“End of July we started noticing a change in the letters that we’ve been given by the children,” Santa said.

Those letters sent to one of the North Pole’s sub-stations here in Michigan.

“They know what they want but they’re afraid that we’re not going to be able to come into our homes, Santa said. “Things are going to be different this year.”

So, Mrs. Claus got right to work  to make sure children still get a visit from old jolly Saint Nick.

“The elves with attitude are going to come and they’re going to sanitize the living room, so that protects Santa Claus from any germs in your house,” Mrs. Claus said.

All children have to do this year is go to bed extra early.

And not to cause any problems like some of Santa’s reindeer

“Comets our problem reindeer but he’s been doing pretty good,” she said.

“He’s been doing real well,” Santa said.

“We told him no mask, you don’t get to go,” Mrs. Claus added.

To make sure you make the nice list, Santa and Mrs. Claus say to keep safe, wear a mask and respect others.

And hopefully by next year, you can feel the magic of Santa, Mrs. Claus and Christmas in person.

“We will get through this,” Santa said. “We’re going to have many, many, many more beautiful, fun, happy Merry Christmases.

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