Herrick Road in Isabella County

A local community is dealing with some serious road issues.

In fact, it’s so bad school buses said that it won’t even travel down the road.

But when they called their local road commission to find out who was in charge of fixing things, they couldn’t get a straight answer.

People driving tractors to avoid damaging their cars in the rutted muddy conditions is a common sight on Herrick Road in Isabella County, leaving the road closed to through traffic.

Nathan Sweet has lived on Herrick Road for decades. He said it’s so bad even his kids’ school bus won’t drive on it.

“We can’t live like this, we have the bus service, its always been here and out of nowhere you’re not gonna come down our roads,” Sweet said.

Sweet said he’s not sure what to do because he’s at work in the early morning when his son needs to be dropped off at the pick up locations more than two miles from their house.

“We gotta drop them off there at 7 a.m.,” Sweet said. “My wife and I both work before 6 a.m. so either we have to make him walk in the dark down this dirt road or we gotta take time off work to sit down there and wait for the bus,” Sweet said.

Parents who take the chance on driving their children to school sometimes end up regretting that decision.

“I was just going along and that’s it, just stuck right in the middle of the road," said Brittany McCoy who lives on Herrick Road. 

Not to mention the toll this road is taking on cars.

“It beats the crap out of our vehicles, you’re replacing tires, ball joints, replacing springs,” Sweet said.

TV5 reached out to the Isabella County Road Commission to ask the tough questions.

A representative said the agency is aware of the problem.

She said the frost is coming off the road and there’s nothing that can be done until the road drys up.

In addition, the road commission plans to add aggregate to prevent this from happening in the future.

Sweet said it’s a nice thought but he needs more.

“That would help some but my thing is 30 years later can’t we pave it,” Sweet said.

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