The Kingston Police Department is advising residents to lock their cars at night as they received several reports of break-ins.

Mayville-Kingston Police Chief Tony Coln said there have been 12 to 15 reports of break-ins with items stolen around the Kingston area.

"Over the weekend we've had several vehicles that were broken into. We call it larceny by vehicle. All of the vehicles broken into were unlocked," Coln said.

Coln said the thieves were not particular.

"The person or persons went into unlocked vehicles and took whatever they could find, be it money or items such as GPS or whatever they could find for the taking," Coln said.

A man who was out for a walk said he saw the police busy trying to catch the thieves.

"I was coming back from the post office right here on Washington Street and I saw a policeman with a K-9 dog and he was walking and the town policeman was just driving by," said Bob, Kingston resident.

Although it's a town of about 450 residents, he said he isn't startled to hear about someone going around stealing from his neighbors.

"It's been a couple of days. I think it's just kids you know. There's all kinds of people who live around the community, could be just about anybody," Bob said.

Police said they are working on a couple of leads to catch the suspects.

Meanwhile, Coln has some advice for residents.

"During the holiday season you're going to see an uptick in that sort of behavior. And that's why we urge residents to not only lock their vehicles, but also take their belongings in at night," Coln said.

The Kingston Police Department is working with Tuscola County Sheriff’s Office during this investigation.

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