Damage at Camelot Villa

The National Weather Service is surveying the destruction left behind in Genesee County, trying to determine if a third tornado was responsible.

Dozens of homes in Genesee County were damaged. One was completely lifted off its foundation.

“It was very, very loud,” said Joan Corwin, resident at the Camelot Villa Mobile Home Park in Genesee Township.

High winds ravaged through Corwin’s mobile home park Thursday night. The winds were so severe she took shelter.

“When it all started I just ran into my bedroom and hid in my closet. I sat in there and said a prayer. Then before I knew, it was all done and over,” Corwin said.

The storm may have been over, but the destruction will impact the area for days.

There have not been any reports of serious injuries or deaths so far.

But more than a dozen mobile homes were badly damaged.

An empty trailer was lifted completely off the foundation and wrapped around a tree.

“I’ve never seen any kind of damage like this. It’s crazy,” said Tom Nagengast, resident.

Nagengast is still in shock from what the high winds caused.

“I just feel fortunate I’m 200 feet away. I’m missing some skirting and stuff on my house, but nothing I can’t take care of myself. And his place is completely gone,” Nagengast said.

As for Corwin, she is thankful it wasn’t worse.

“I thank God because I think he protected my house. As my skirting was off, my kids came over and found most of it and put it back on,” she said.

Residents at the mobile home park said they are grateful for technology and the news media to let them know severe weather was coming.

Flushing residents also impacted by severe storms

"The tree snapped off. There's trees in the back that snapped off," said Scott Etson, resident.

He is counting his lucky stars after high winds swept over his Flushing neighborhood.

Scott lives on Disch Street with his wife Julie, who was the only one home on Thursday when high winds caused the devastation.

"I could tell something wasn't right. All the birds in the backyard flew out quickly and I knew something. That point in time I knew something was seriously wrong," Julie said.

She said she quickly took cover.

"The lights were flickering you know, and the whole house was rattling and you can see the damage that's done here," Julie said.

While the Etsons ended up having a lot of down trees and power lines, the next door neighbor was not as lucky. A large tree fell into their house.

Luckily, there have been no serious injuries related to the storm. But the people in Flushing will likely be cleaning up for days to come.

"I'm very thankful that my wife and our dog was safe. And that she made it into the basement," Scott said.

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