Two suspects were arrested after a horrific case of animal abuse was caught on camera in Flint.

A 41-year old male, Shantae Jones, and a 31-year-old female, Sierra Wright, are being charged with animal abuse and cruelty, according to officials.

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Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell said in a press conference on March 13, that it was determined the abused dog’s cause of death was fractures to the liver, which caused it to bleed to death.

It all started when a concerned resident contacted the Genesee County Sheriff's Office after witnessing the abuse.

"My deputies responded and viewed a video tape showing an individual violently grabbing a small Jack Russell Terrier by the tail, and slamming the dog into the side of a house multiple times," Pickell said in a Facebook post.

The witness told deputies a second person had also abused the same dog.

The deputies approached the home in question and arrested one of the suspects.

"After an initial search, deputies made the heart-breaking discovery of a deceased Jack Russell Terrier in a vacant lot adjacent to the home. It is believed to be the same dog in the video," Pickell said.

Deputies then made contact with the second suspect, who attempted to flee in their vehicle, Pickell said.

That suspect was arrested after a short pursuit.

Deputies searched the home and found two additional dogs, who were removed and are currently at Genesee County Animal Control.

Paul Wallace, director of animal control, said the dogs seem OK physically. 

"One is a gray pit-bull and one is a little black chihuahua," Wallace said. "Actually they're in really good health. The pit has a scar on the top of his head, but it's an older scar. The chihuahua seems perfectly healthy, our county veterinarian did an exam, a forensic exam and they're both fine."

Pickell is thankful to the person that came forward with the video, crediting them for saving the lives of the other two dogs. 

"The citizen who came forward saved the lives of these dogs...these are the types of people who should be commended and their actions emulated," Pickell said.

The suspects have been charged with multiple felonies and misdemeanors. They are both being held on a 25,000 bond.

If convicted on the animal abuse charge, both can face up to four years behind bars, according to Pickell. The new law which would go from a four-year felony to a 10-year felony will not go into effect until March 21.

Pickell posted a portion of the extremely graphic video. You can watch that here. WARNING: The video is extremely graphic.

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