Whittemore-Prescott High School

A Mid-Michigan teacher sent an email to his coworkers admitting to sexual assaults before taking his own life, according to Arenac County Sheriff Jim Mosciski.

And now we’re getting a look at just how many victims there may have been.

Kevin Schutte's coworkers notified 911 after receiving the email. The email admitted to sexual misconduct and in it Schutte said he was going to take his own life because of what he had done, Mosciski said.

TV5 has obtained a copy of the email, which has been redacted by investigators.

"He had you know, expressed remorse for what he had described as sexual abuse towards these 15 persons which led to his suicide," Undersheriff Don McIntyre said.

The sheriff’s office was notified of the situation early Monday morning.

Although the teacher, who was hired in August, taught in Iosco County, he lived in Arenac County. That is where his Sunday night death took place, Mosciski said.

The sheriff said he had investigators at the teacher’s home Monday night where they retrieved computers and other devices that may help in their investigation.

Names of the potential victims were in the email, and authorities are in the process of contacting them, according to McIntyre.

"We're just now diving into the actual investigation of the letter and the list and the names and things like that," McIntyre said.

All of the potential victims are underage males, according to McIntyre. He said all the supposed acts occurred in the Au Gres area, and officials do not believe there are any victims in the Whittemore-Prescott district.

The superintendent of the Au Gres-Sims School District said Schutte was never an employee there.

Whittemore-Prescott Area Schools sent a letter home to parents informing them of the teacher’s sudden death.

“Law enforcement is in the process of investigating this matter,” Superintendent Joseph Perrera said.

Perrera said support is available for students and staff.

Perrera also said the school did all the background checks on Schutte and all they found was a traffic violation. Schutte also self-reported a marijuana possession charge he had in college.

School officials said there was nothing in Schutte's history to indicate this sort of problem.

"Well I'm shocked. I had no idea about it," said Jennifer Smith, Au Gres resident. "That makes me more concerned. I'm already an over-protective parent. And I think that's just going to make that part of me worse."

The small Arenac County community is in shock.

"It just blows my mind. It's not a good thing," said Mike Gibbons, resident.

Gibbons said he feels bad for everyone involved in this case, especially the alleged victims.

"I just hope everything turns out and everything. And I hope everything is all good for the families. I do wish them my remorse and everything," Gibbons said.

This was Schutte's first year at Whittemore-Prescott. McIntyre said he is not aware of more potential victims, but if they are out there he is ready to listen.

"If anyone has any information and they want to come forward they can speak with us at the sheriff's office," he said.

Officials said Schutte graduated from CMU in 2018 with a degree in music. This was his first teaching job.

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