Sheriff's office issues warning after people accidentally eat 'medibles'

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Local law enforcement officers are warning residents to be aware of what they are eating.

The warning comes amid a sudden rise in people accidentally consuming marijuana edibles, which can often look just like ordinary foods like gummies, candy and even Cheetos.

“You look at the marketing of it, the marketing shouldn’t be so kid-friendly,” said Barry Schmidt, with the Neighborhood Resource Center in Bay City.

They are called medibles and numerous incidents have been popping up across the country of people accidentally eating them and getting sick thinking they were a normal snack.

“I would never know the difference if I didn’t think about it,” Schmidt said.

That is why the Tuscola County Sheriff’s Office sent out a warning. Schmidt supports the warning.

“It is a concern because it is so accessible,” Schmidt said.

He said they’re also more potent than just smoking.

Joe Sullivan, with Jas Herbal Remedies, said the medibles really help people who are too sick to smoke medical marijuana.

“A lot of cancer patients take it. The edibles really, really help with the pain. So this is another way you take this medicine. No different than if you had cough syrup in a pill form or cough syrup in a liquid form,” Sullivan said.

He said there’s new state regulations that make it so the medibles have to be packaged in a way where you can’t see what’s inside. The packaging also says it contains THC.

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