Sister of fallen soldier seeks return of brother's stolen belongings

Sgt. 1st Class Michael Cathcart

A local military hero was laid to rest three years ago, but his memory lives on through his personal items.

His family said someone stole his things and priceless items that remind them of him from Trishia Watson's home.

"We're moving to a new house. This house we are not currently living in, but it still housed some of our belongings as we moved them and somebody at some point came in and took those items," Watson said.

Those items belonged to her late brother Sgt. 1st Class Michael Cathcart. He died while fighting the war in Afghanistan.

Watson said she came home to find a list of items gone. Two TV's, music equipment, liquor, a computer and her brother's multiple guitars and jewelry.

"Probably one of the most important is the seven guitars that belonged to my brother. The thieves also hit up my jewelry box, stealing many relics, many things that people from the community gave to me in memory of my brother, including my wedding rings," Watson said.

She said she doesn't care about the stolen TVs and computer because those can be replaced. She wants the memories of her brother - the seven guitars and pieces of jewelry that belonged to him.

"Those were things that he touched. That he imprinted on that were meant for me and other relatives to remember him by and make our own memories while remembering him," Watson said.

The Bay City Department of Public Safety is investigating the break-in, but so far have no leads.

Watson said she just wants her brother's stuff back, no questions asked.

"No questions asked. If somebody dropped them off on the porch or dropped them off at the police station I'd look the other way," Watson said.

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