Image: Cirque Du Soleil preview

A show known around the world for its high-flying acrobatics is opening tonight in Saginaw.

Cirque Du Soleil employs ornate costumes, dazzling lighting, and original music for its own take on the circus arts.

“It’s super exciting for us just to be here and to yeah, just to perform in Saginaw,” said Zabato Bebe, figure skater.

Bebe is one of the many world-class talents performing in Cirque Du Soleil Crystal, a breakthrough experience.

The show starts tonight at the Dow Event Center. The performers promise a unique experience much different from the classic show that has become world famous on the Vegas strip.  

“On one hand, in classic Cirque Du Soleil fashion you can expect to see absolutely groundbreaking skills on the ice for the very first time,” Bebe said.

It’s also a combination of never before seen figure skating and acrobatics as the audience explores the imagination of the main character Crystal and her journey through self-reflection.

“You’ve never seen anything like this before and you probably won’t see anything like this any time soon,” Bebe said.

Bebe said that although this is his first time performing in Cirque Du Soleil, he is no stranger to the ice.

“Skating in general, I’ve been doing since I was six years old. So, for a very, very long time,” Bebe said.

He specializes in showcasing his own tricks and flips that you wouldn’t see anywhere else, but you can witness them all during the performance.

“I try just to not expect anything when I go out there and to just really give it my all,” Bebe said.

This is the first Cirque Du Soleil experience on ice. The first show starts tonight at 7:30 p.m.

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