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Streets were shut down, the National Guard was out and Michigan State Police Troopers were on alert during protests in Downtown Lansing.

MSP said about 20 protesters gathered outside the Capitol Building in Lansing.

The protest started at noon and people started to leave just before 2 p.m. as the snow started to pick up.

MSP, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Lansing Police and Fire and the National Guard had been preparing all week for the potential of violence during the protests.

Members of the Proud Boys and Boogaloo extremist groups have claimed they were planning to be in Lansing Sunday.

"We hope for the best and prepare for the worst. We've seen tons of protests at the capitol over the years especially being the state capitol. But now with the events in DC, and kind of the anger after the election, we want to prepare and should this turn violent, we're ready," Andy Schor, Lansing Mayor said on Friday.

There were some armed protestors at the capitol who said what the goal for coming out today was.

"To prove today that again, the government has made falsified claims of violence when there was no threat of it here and to just stand up for what is right, being our liberties, being our freedoms, being justice for all,” Timothy Teagan, boogaloo movement member said.

There were some supporters of Governor Gretchen Whitmer here as well, looking for some unity.

"I watched what happened in Washington at the capitol building and I got so frustrated and I'm angry about it, wanted to do something and what I decided to do was have a sign made supporting Governor Whitmer and show up at this event in support of government," Lorence Wenke, Kalamazoo resident said.

The four streets surrounding the Capitol Building were shut down ahead of the protest.

IMAGE" Closed street


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