Snoop Dogg calls Michigan cancer patient

Source: CBS

Superstar rapper Snoop Dogg has fulfilled a dream for a Kalamazoo teenager battling cancer.

Unless a miracle occurs, Angela Carpenter said there is nothing more doctors can do for her 16-year-old daughter, Regan Capps.

"She was recently given the prognosis that she will not survive her illness. So we talked about legacy planning and living, like really living and making good memories, because she has spent so much time sick,” said Carpenter.

After going through countless treatments and drug regimens, which weren’t stopping the cancer, Carpenter made the decision to place the 16-year-old in hospice care.

"It was at the decision of her doctors that we stop because she was experiencing some horrible complications. Her body was not reacting well to medications and treatments. Literally everything we were giving her was giving her the worst possible side effects,” Carpenter explained.

In an attempt to create lasting memories, Carpenter vowed to grant every wish on Regan’s bucket list.

"Number one was meet Snoop. I have great friends and social media can be an excellent tool so I put a post out and said, somebody help me, I need to contact Snoop."

On New Year’s Eve, Regan got the surprise of a lifetime when her phone rang, and it was Snoop Dogg.

"I like him a lot he is Snoop for crying out loud."

Regan said while it’s unclear what the future holds, the love she has been shown has been overwhelming.

"There are times it gets kind of hard knowing there is isn't much time left, but there is also a lot of nice people who don’t even know you. It feels nice and makes me happy and makes me feel like I should do something,” said Regan.

Carpenter said plans are in the works to meet Snoop face-to-face. Regan hopes it happens sooner, rather than later.

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