Image: Michael Klamann

Michael Klamann, from the Michigan/Tennessee snow carving team, announced this will be his last year carving at Zehnder's Snowfest.

Every January Klamann drives north from Tennessee to Michigan to be a part of Snowfest.

For the past 25 years he has competed in the snow sculpture contest, and he announced this will be his last year.

“This is my final year. This is my swan song. After this I retire,” Klamann said. “I’m the old man in the sport now so this is my last one.”

Klamann said he couldn’t retire last year because of the warm weather so he had to come back one more time, saying this year mother nature is throwing his a going away party.

“I think last year we could’ve been in swimsuits it was 60 degrees on judging day so everything was kind of falling apart and turning into slush. But the weather is going to hold up. It’s supposed to be in the mid 20s so it’s perfect weather you know, hard enough to stay warm and you can work forever,” Klamann said.

He said he will miss the art of sculpting itself, the long hours, creativity, and teamwork.

“What I’ll miss the most when I am done is all the friendships that I’ve developed over the 25 years, people that have been like family, near and dear to me and we all grew old together," Klamann said.

This year he will be saying his last goodbye to Frankenmuth, a city he’s called home for one week each year for the past 25.

“Thanks for your hospitality, thank you very much. I really had a great time here,” Klamann said.

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