Snow in the UP

It's been a wild ride in the temperature department recently with a few big temperature swings over the last several days.

Just Wednesday, we saw our afternoon highs reach well into the 70s, if not the low 80s, followed by a sharp drop into the 50s for the next afternoon. In addition, warm temperatures to start Thursday, followed by 30s this morning led to a 30-40 degree swing in temperatures from one morning to the next.

That cooler air that filtered in actually lead to snow accumulation in the U.P. this morning at the National Weather Service office in Marquette. 

MORE: Accumulating snow in Marquette

That provides a nice starting point for this question... when is it our turn in Mid-Michigan?

If you were curious, the first measurable snowfall (.10" or greater) usually occurs around the middle of November for both Flint and Saginaw, November 15th and 16th to be more specific. For those keeping score, that's a quick 41 days away. 

But, we know Michigan weather can be full of surprises. So when was the earliest measurable snow? In Saginaw and Flint, that occurred on October 12th, 2006. 

The latest first measurable snow? December 9th, 1931 in Flint and December 20th, 1948in Saginaw. 

But snow lovers may be thinking "a tenth of an inch? who cares?". Fair enough. So if you're wondering when the first accumulation of 3" or greater occurs, that's usually around late December.

If you're really hoping for an early start on the fresh powder, the earliest 3" or more has ever happened was October 19th, 1989 in Flint and October 24th, 1933 in Saginaw. 

While there's no snow in sight, especially with 70s and possibly 80s in the forecast next week, snow has finally made it to the Upper Peninsula, which means that time is getting closer and closer. 

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