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The Boogaloo is a broad ideology that the government is overreaching its bounds on citizens.

Although the boogaloo is mostly a fringe philosophy, a sociology professor said it’s gaining strength.

“We certainly do see a lot more people who are on edge on this end of the political spectrum right now,” said Amy Cooter, sociology professor at Vanderbilt University.

That uneasiness is caused by the whirlwind of a pandemic, an economic downturn, restrictions from government, and the protests and riots in past months.

“The Boogaloo perspective has been around for a while, but it really took off this summer in terms of being a very central component of that identity for a lot of folks on this end of the political spectrum,” Cooter said.

Cooter said that is why people are protesting the government and more are turning to militias and movements like the Boogaloo.

In affidavits filed on Thursday, the Michigan State Police said the Boogaloo is a term referencing a violent uprising against the government or impending politically motivated civil war.

MSP also said a militia group, called the Wolverine Watchmen, met for field training exercises to prepare for the Boogaloo.

“Militias are everywhere, but they have a very strong history in Michigan. It’s also true that, I think for a variety of reasons in Michigan, folks do buy into notions of strong individualism,” Cooter said.

Due to a significant portion of Michiganders who hunt, fish, and use firearms, Cooter said it’s not a stretch for them to use their guns for another hobby – like protesting governments.

She also said Michigan militias have a long-standing history in the sate and are admired by others.

Although some she spoke with doubted the feasibility of their plan.

“The folks I talked to yesterday who interacted with a few of the men who were arrested did not have high opinions of their intellect, were very skeptical of their ability to carry off any part of this plot successfully,” Cooter said.

Cooter also makes a distinction between constitutionalist militias and millenarian militias.

Constitutionalist militias believe everyone need to help enforce a literal interpretation of the Constitution.

Millenarian militias tend to believe in conspiracy theories and are more prone to violence – like the Boogaloo.

Cooter said it appears the Wolverine Watchmen fall in the latter category.

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