IMAGE: Empty shelves

With cases going up, more Michiganders are stocking up.

The Michigan Retailers Association, the State Department of Agriculture and several stores are telling people not to panic buy during the pandemic.

"Stores are beginning to see signs of panic buying and we don't want to have happen what happened last spring," said Meegan holland is a spokesperson for the Michigan Retailers Association.

Holland is urging all of us not to panic buy.

She says that stores will continue to have what we need as long as we show restraint.

"Buy what you need for now and be a good neighbor and don't clear the shelves, save some for your friends and family," Holland said.

Shoppers in Saginaw Township said they are mostly finding what they need, and they hope it stays that way.

"I think it's stupid that people are mass buying stuff because if we all just get a little bit, the stores aren't going to close down so," one shopper said.

"I really don't think it's necessary at this time," a second shopper said.

"There should be enough for everyone and not to go and stock up too much because that could short someone else who really needs it," a third shopper said.

Holland said shoppers are an important part of the supply chain. She says right now stores are keeping up. But if customers don't do their part that could change.

"If people just shop in their typical fashion, we should not have a problem,” she said. “It's those people who really stockpile and hoard that are making it difficult for everybody else."

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