For many, last night's storms scattered leaves across lawns and brought down twigs, but for some it brought down whole trees. Chesaning got hit hard.

"I was feeding the baby in the kitchen,” said Brittany Boroff, a resident.

A thunderstorm that ripped through Chesaning quickly turned the seemingly 'normal' day into one she's not likely to forget.

“Pictures started falling off the walls. You couldn't really hear or see anything out of the windows, so I took him into the bedroom and just felt the house shake. Came out and found the tree on the house,” Boroff said.

A tree on the house that narrowly missed her and her six-month-old baby.

"We were only a bedroom away from where the tree hit in the kitchen. And we were in the kitchen originally. So, it was really close to hitting us,” Boroff said.

She feels fortunate to be alive, but now she and her boyfriend face the unenviable task of sifting through the damage. Their house is unlivable.

"The house is pretty much a total loss. The garage was totally destroyed and obviously devastated. Everything that we worked hard for,” said Adam Watchorn, the homeowner.

His stepfather, Derrick Knieper rushed over the moment he learned what had happened.

"Holy cow. This is unreal. Then when you get closer and see the's just amazing what mother nature can do. You have no control,” Knieper said. "From the outside it doesn't look bad on the house. The garage is gone, but you go inside, and all of the drywall is cracked, the floors are buckled, so we just don't know where the damage is going to end."

Now this young family is left picking up the pieces.

"The biggest thing is everybody is okay, nobody was hurt. The other stuff that can be replaced,” Knieper said.

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