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School officials say students at Marshall Greene Middle School were found with a suspected marijuana edible.

Birch Run Area Schools superintendent David Bush said it happened Friday morning, June 7.

Four students were involved in the incident and one of them brought the suspected hard rock candy laced with marijuana to school.

After officials learned about the edible, the students were handed over to their parents.

"This morning I did get a phone call saying that my daughter consumed some kind of marijuana substance and that she was going to be suspended for the rest of the year and into next year," said Marsha Jones.

Jones learned Friday morning that her child ingested candy suspected to have marijuana in it.

"No kind of medical was contacted into this situation and they just had me pick her up and send her on her way," Jones said. 

Jones took her 7th grader to the hospital and everything was fine.

She thinks the school should've called paramedics.

Jones also said she talked to her daughter about the dangers of edibles.

"I understand that it's recreational now and some people do take it for medical purposes, but that does not apply to a 12-year-old," Jones said.

Superintendent Bush said paramedics weren't called because the four students who ate the edibles did not show any symptoms.

Bush said he could not discuss disciplinary actions for the students involved.

Last month in Clio, six students ingested edibles at George R. Carter Middle School.

At the time, principal Neil Bedell expressed worry over the possibility of edibles becoming commonplace in the classroom.

"When you talk to students they're hearing what others are talking about with edibles and I don't really believe that they think it really is a serious issue," Bedell said.

Jones believes both parents and educators can do better for the sake of her daughter.

"I'm not trying to justify her in any way. She knows she did wrong and she knows that she shouldn't have done that," Jones said.

The Birch Run Police Department is investigating this incident.

Police say this is the first time they’ve been called about a potential marijuana edible at a Birch Run school.

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