GENERIC: Shower head

Eastern Michigan University is investigating after a black doll was found hanging in a dorm shower.

The doll was found on Monday, Feb. 11 hanging from a shower rod in Best Hall shared with suite mates.

The university released the following statement on the incident:

Yesterday afternoon, a Resident Advisor in Best Hall found a black doll hanging from the shower rod in the bathroom shared with suite mates. The incident was immediately investigated by EMU Police and the Office of Wellness and Community Standards. It was determined that a guest of one of the suite mates had placed the doll. The individual told investigators that they did it as a "prank" and did not have malicious or racist intentions. Eastern Michigan takes this matter very seriously. There is absolutely no place at Eastern for hateful and racist actions, regardless of their intent. At this time, the University continues to investigate the incident and will take appropriate steps upon completion of the investigation.

The university stressed it does not consider the incident a prank, despite the guest saying it was.

An investigation is underway at this time and the EMU Department of Public Safety and the Office of Wellness and Community Standards turned over their finding to the Washtenaw County Prosecutors Office Feb. 14.

The Office of Wellness and Community Standards investigation will follow the provisions of the EMU Student Code of Conduct, with any appropriate disciplinary actions to be issued at the conclusion of the investigation. 

James Smith, President of EMU said that this is a very serious matter and that it runs directly contrary to the schools commitment to establish a supportive and welcoming environment for everyone at EMU. 

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