Student loses scholarship after test score is disqualified


After getting all A’s and holding a GPA higher than 4.0, a Mid-Michigan teen had a chance to earn a scholarship through the preliminary SAT test.

But when test day came so did the issue.

His mother happens to be a teacher at his high school, John Glenn in Bay County.

She was asked to help administer the test, something that would disqualify her son from the scholarship.

“I was devastated,” said Sarah Atkins.

Atkins is heartbroken for her son Brock. She is a science teacher at Bangor John Glenn High School. Her son Brock is a student there.

She said in October Brock was taking the PSAT National Merit Scholarship qualifying test.

Atkins was in charge of overseeing the exam.

She said she knew that was against the rules and feared Brock would get disqualified. She tried to get out of the assignment, but she said her supervisor Jeff Tuck wouldn’t let her.

“He just said that this wasn’t the big test and he assured me that nothing was going to happen and that it would be fine even though I kept saying it was not and I was really concerned,” Atkins said.

Here’s the rule. It states members of the student’s household or immediate family mat not serve as supervisors, coordinators, or proctors, on the date of the test.

It goes on to say related student’s scores are subject to cancellation.

Atkins says that’s exactly what happened to Brock. Looking back Atkins said she had no choice.

“The administrator was standing right there in support and after I talked to Mr. Tuck I turned to him and he again told me I had to stay as well,” Atkins said. “So I didn’t want to be insubordinate and lose my job.”

Now Atkins is suing Tuck. Her attorney Philp Ellison said Brock scored in the 97th percentile of the entire country. A score worthy of numerous scholarships and grants.

“He was in a unique position to enjoy some real success and opportunities that are only available to a select number of people in this country,” said Ellison. “And because of a hardnosed stance that one administrator took all of those have been washed away.”

TV5 did reach out to Tuck and other school administrators for comment, but at this time we are still waiting to hear back from them.

But Atkins has plenty to say as she wants justice for her son.

“The ideal outcome would something like to have all of Brock’s college paid for at this point,” Atkins said.

No word yet if or when this case will be heard in court.

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