Students learn to be healthy in school program

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Local schools are implementing a new program that makes healthy living fun for all students.

The teachers are thinking outside the box to show their students that healthy foods can be just as tasty as a bag of chips.

"It's not like no one likes fast food. I mean, a man loves his McDonald's," said Pierse Grabowski, 11.

He loves his fast food, but thanks to a program called Building Healthy Communities, his school is getting help in finding healthy alternatives.

Sarah Klein, teacher at Marshall Greene Middle School, said it is essential for young students. Her school received a grant to implement Project Healthy Schools.

"Kids aren't getting what they need. Especially at the grocery store. It's easy to pick up that Little Debbie as opposed to a bag of apples. In school they're ya know, tasting these things and learning that spinach isn't bad. So they go home and they ask their parents ya know, 'I really like this kind of apple. Can we start getting it at the store,'" Klein said.

It is an enrichment program used to help kids make healthier choices and the students said they love the hands on lessons.

"I like going outside and like running and like testing your heartbeat and stuff. It's really fun," said Kristy Nalevaykl, student.

As for Pierse, he said it is good to just get outside and play.

"It's important to stay healthy and be more active and stay away from TV time and screens," he said.

Marshall Greene Middle School is among nine Mid-Michigan schools participating in the program.

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