MSD rallies for new principal

Mid-Michigan students are protesting for a principal they say will represent them all.

Students and staff at the Michigan School for the Deaf in Flint put their focus on the future on their last day of school.

The school is searching for a new principal.

“We are protesting out here because we want someone that knows sign because we are proud of MSD,” said Lucas Grimm, 10th grader at the school.

Grimm rallied with his peers on Thursday for a new principal.

“Will they understand the deaf culture? The deaf community? It will really affect us,” Grimm said.

Grimm said they want the school to choose a new principal who fully understands sign language and the deaf community.

Grimm and the others are worried the state may choose a principal who doesn’t fit that category.

The school has been without a permanent principal since April when the previous principal stepped down to go to another district.

Teachers and parents at the school say the school has been run recently by an interim principal.

TV5 reached out to the Michigan Department of Education to learn more about the candidates they are considering but have not heard back.

Grimm hopes they hire someone who at least knows the language most people communicate with at the school.

“I want the deaf community to get involved as well and support us. We really want MSD to change and we want them to change and know how we feel,” Grimm said.

On Friday, the Michigan Department of Education announced the students and community will have input in the hiring of a new principal.

“Right now, we have interviewed for a temporary principal,” said Deputy State Superintendent Scott Koenigsknecht. “Filling this role temporarily will provide us with the time to launch an official process for seeking a permanent principal. That process for seeking a permanent principal will include capturing the thoughts of the parents, the students and the broader deaf community.”

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