Police face challenges when it comes to drugged drivers

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It’s a familiar grief felt by most across Michigan – paying some of the highest auto insurance premiums in a state known for its automotive history.

A number of attempts to change the state’s auto insurance system have failed over the years, especially those aimed at Michigan’s no-fault coverage.

The latest figures from Insure.com show just how bad rates are in Michigan. Drivers in the Mitten State pay a staggering 82 percent more than the national average.

“It’s definitely related to the unlimited medical that comes with the insurance and every time the state tries to change, it never quite makes it through,” said Jan Schaeffer, with Future Insurance Agency.

Schaeffer said Michigan is the only state in the country that has those unlimited medical benefits.

Despite several efforts by lawmakers to repeal that system over the years, there has been no change.

“If you’re seeing a big increase in your coverage you definitely want to shop it. And things can change from year to year. So, it doesn’t hurt to look at it every year,” Schaeffer said.

If you’re fearful you are locked into an insurance policy because you make monthly or quarterly payments, don’t worry.

“They can cancel anytime. If they’ve paid ahead on a premium they’re going to get a refund on that. There’s definitely discounts to keep home and auto together. Those types of things and a lot of different ways to save money,” Schaeffer said.

While Michigan pays the most for auto insurance in the nation, neighboring state Ohio pays the least.

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