The auto industry continues to struggle with the global chip shortage.

“I’d love to see that chip manufacturing problem get resolved,” said Chris Graff, with Graff Chevrolet.

Trucks have been piling up at various locations across mid-Michigan.

“Those 2021s are being built. They’re taking pieces, mostly chips, off of them, going back to the factory – as I understand it – building another vehicle. So they’re keeping the production going,” Graff said.

The chip shortage has changed the landscape of the new car market. The supply of new cars and trucks remains low, but demand is in full swing.

“As these vehicles come out, whether it’s a ’21 or ’22, just having that new vehicle is going to trump anything,” Graff said.

Graff is optimistic about the rebound of these chips. He said buyers can get what they want, but they need to plan ahead since new car inventory can take longer to get. Graff is not concerned about the delay of the 2021 models.

“If those 2021s start showing up in November of next year, maybe that would be an issue,” Graff said.

Graff believes this issue is not going to last that long and there are incentives that help sell older models.

TV5 reached out to General Motors about the pileup and what the future might look like for car buying. They released a statement saying in part, “In some cases, we intend to build vehicles without certain modules and will complete them as soon as possible. It’s better for our customers, dealers and employees at the plant as opposed to not building at all. Importantly, it will help us quickly meet the strong customer demand for our products as more semiconductors become available.”

As for Graff, he said they have thought about having the vehicles parked on dealership lots, but the decision would come from GM. Plus, Graff said it is hard to sell cars you can’t drive.

“So that’s the way it is for now, but I do look forward to the day when we actually have vehicles in our lots,” Graff said.

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