Image: Swan Valley hair donation

Students at Swan Valley Middle School cut their hair to donate to Children with Hair Loss as a part of the school's Viking Valor Character Building program.

Ten middle school students and one high school student volunteered to get their haircut by U-Spa as an effort to raise awareness and give back.

“They deserve to look just like everybody else,” Autumn Snook, 8th grader at SVMS that donated 12 inches of hair, said. “People with cancer, that are diagnosed can have a wig and have hair just so that they are happy and can look like everyone else.”

The students are donating their hair to make wigs for children dealing with life-threatening illnesses.

“I feel like kids without hair and adults without hair should get to have hair because it’s not fair that they don’t, and they did nothing wrong,” Snook said.

Heather Quellet, a teacher at SVMD, said that she donated her hair last fall to help inspire the students to give back, something the Viking Valor program is all about.

“When I was deciding to do it, I thought you know what, this might be really good to have our students have this opportunity,” Quellet said. “It’s a character building program based off the Medal of Honor program through the military and the Viking Valor program has different traits that we’re trying to teach our children and two of them are courage and sacrifice.”

Quellet said that she hopes courage and sacrifice will grow stronger in her students as they continue the program.

“I’m just hoping that these two traits will really hit home. Not just for these 11 kiddos, but the whole group that witnessed it and maybe they’ll have courage to do it next time,” Quellet said.

After the assembly, each of the donors was treated to an in-school spa-day.

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