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A freshman basketball player from Swartz Creek High School won over the hearts of both teams following a Thursday night basketball game. 

"My biggest challenges are walking or running for a long time. If I do that for a while my legs start to hurt." said Brian Sefernick.

Sefernick has cerebral palsy and plays basketball with Swartz Creek on their freshman team. 

But Sefernick doesn't let his condition define him and neither does his coach.

"We don't treat him differently," said Edward Drew, the freshman basketball coach. "He's a player, he loves the game. He loves those moments. And he supports his teammates 100 percent."

That's why Coach Drew chose to reward Sefernick during Thursday night's game.

During the game on Feb. 21 against Flushing, Sefernick was put in, and even made a couple of shots. 

Sefernick wasn't just content with getting in the game, he was looking to score.

The biggest shot for Sefernick was at the end when he made a huge three-pointer for the team. 

Sefernick's sharpshooting sent the crowd into a frenzy.

"To have the crowd cheer like that, was an honor," Sefernick said. 

But at least one person in the gym wasn't surprised at all.

"I'm overjoyed for him but I'm not shocked," Drew said. "He does that in practice every day."

Sefernick hopes to inspire others that live with similar challenges to never give up.

"I always try to push myself because you have to keep pushing no matter what," Sefernick said.

Although Swartz Creek lost the game, the big winner was Sefernick. 

And in a stroke of true sportsmanship, players from his team, and Flushing, immediately ran to congratulate Sefernick on the game.

The Dragon's last game will be on Saturday facing off against Lapeer in Swartz Creek. 

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