Swartz Creek snow day video goes viral

It’s a snow day video that’s gone national.

Swartz Creek’s superintendent and high school principal harmonized the news all students were eager to hear.

The guys made a second video when school closed once again due to the bitter cold.

“We know that other administrators are doing them and both of us have felt a pressure of that and people telling us that we should do them,” said Jim Kitchen, the principal of Swartz Creek High School.

Kitchen said that pressure caused him to team up with his colleague, superintendent Ben Mainka, to create this snow day announcement.

It’s now gone viral, getting over a million views.

“We probably wrote that song in under an hour,” Kitchen said. “We got together and did a couple of takes and it was done in under an hour. And then this. It just kind a hit. Amazing.”

The rendition of the song “Hallelujah” was such a hit the pair came out with the second video following another snow day, which has gotten a lot of attention as well.

“It’s been exciting, it’s exciting for our community,” Mainka said.

The two both said singing is just a hobby and never expected their talents to reach so far.

They have since been on many national talk shows because of their skills coupled with hundreds of emails from fans.

“It’s nice when you have national outlets talking about Swartz Creek, Michigan in a positive way,” Mainka said. “I think the other thing is that us as administrators around the state and country that it shows we’re doing great things for kids. And this is just another way to connect with kids. And not take yourself too seriously.”

“What next for us is Monday,” Kitchen said. “Our students come back our dynamic teachers come back.”

Now many people are wondering if the dynamic duo will be making any more videos and the two said we’ll just have to wait and see.

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