Tattooed beauty trend exploding in Mid-Michigan


The skills of tattoo artists are being put to use in a new beauty trend. Those artists are giving eyebrows a fuller look, permanently.

Microblading is the newest method of tattooed makeup and it has arrived in Mid-Michigan.

Brow artist Krista Ransom has transformed more than 20 eyebrows after completing her certification six months ago.

“With microblading, we’re following with tattooing,” Ransom said. “A lot of times it’s done with a machine so the line is a little bit, it’s more of a permanent solid line. Whereas with microblading we’re following the texture of the hair we’re creating hair like appearance so they look more natural.”

Isabelle Hiltz set up her appointment with Ransom at Shapers Salon in Saginaw to help cut down on her morning routine.

“There’s a couple spots that I would just like a little more full like the tails of my brows are kind of disappearing so it’d just be nice to have a little more on the ends," Hiltz said.

To start off, Ransom maps out the new brow design and chooses a color based on skin tone and hair color.

The sterile blade makes tiny hair like cuts into the first layer of skin while inserting a pigment that will last up to 18 months.

After the three-hour procedure is complete, it will take 10 days for Hiltz to fully heal.

Professionals recommend anyone interested in microblading go to someone that’s certified and has a background in eyebrow art.

Ransom has seen first hand the damage inexperienced eyebrow artists can do.

“I would be leery and do your research and background checks on the person you go to see,” Ransom said.

While everyone’s pain level is a little different, clients should expect slight discomfort with the help of numbing cream.

The service costs $500 for the first round and $75 for any touch-ups. Hiltz said it is well worth it.

“I’m extremely happy. They look awesome,” Hiltz said. “I’m really excited about them.”

Hiltz wanted to undergo the service to cut down on her morning routine.

"So before I would just do occasional maintenance you know, getting them waxed every so often and then I would just use like a tinted brow gel," Hiltz said.

Hiltz said the pain wasn't too bad.

"It's similar to when you scrape your knee, kind of that like you know a little bit of a burn, kind of uncomfortable. And then once the numbing kicks in, you really don't feel much at all," Hiltz said.

Ransom said one of the most fulfilling parts is helping those struggling through cancer treatments.

"Depending on where they're at in their treatment they can do this or if it's after their treatment and their brows did not come back the way they had them before. It's definitely something that is perfect for them," Ransom said.

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