Teams from across the state compete in middle school robot tournament

Young engineers from across the state are pitting their robots against each other in a unique tournament.

Carman-Ainsworth Middle School hosted their own Vex Robot Tournament.

Students put their knowledge to the test in a fun and engaging environment.

The tournament hosted 48 other teams from around the state.

“This year they need to turn some flags by shooting balls, they need to flip some caps with some type of an arm,” said Leanne Welch, the tournament director.

Middle school and high school students are put into teams of two versus two and go into elimination rounds based on their record.

Sierra Robinson from the Mo’ Peeps team at Carman-Ainsworth was a field coach.

She told the driver of the robot what to do.

“I think it’s more stressful because it’s mainly offense you gotta go, go, go and then it can be decided over one or two points,” Robinson said.

Robinson is just one of the thousands of students to show up with their best foot forward.

Hoping to take home more than just awards.

“It’s really important for kids to get involved in anything and this often gives a venue for kids that aren’t necessarily into sports,” Welch said. “It gives them a different avenue and it’s nice because scholarships are given out a lot of these kids plus they get to use their academics in a practical way, so they can understand why they’re learning what they’re learning.”

The students spend months practicing focusing on teamwork, communication, and strategy.

Robinson said her favorite part is working with her teammates no matter the outcome of the competition.

“I hope we win but like if we don’t win I say that we did good still,” Robinson said.

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