Three Central Michigan University Students have been targeted with messages of hate.

Central Michigan University President Bob Davies said hateful remarks were written on a message board on the door of a residence hall.

Davies said the messages are an “attack not only on three young women of color, it is an attack on all of us. On all of CMU. On all of Mount Pleasant.”

The announcement came in a news release from the university.

Davies went on to say that “We must do better. We must lead. We will lead."

Yasmeen Duncan is a sophomore at CMU and was one of the students targeted.

"I just felt sad like I didn't belong, just unsafe being here," Duncan said.

Duncan said she came home Wednesday night to a disturbing message on the white board hanging on the door of her room in Sweeney Hall.

"I didn't even want to be here anymore. I wanted to go home and not come back," she said.

Duncan acknowledged the deep-seeded prejudices that inspire hate.

"Sadly there's always gonna be people who have biases and they're gonna be racist people," Duncan said. "The only thing we can do is use our voices to stomp out that hate that people have."

Sweeney Hall does not have security cameras near Duncan's room, making it more difficult to find whoever left the message.

"Something this extreme fortunately is something we don't see very frequently," said A.T. Miller, vice president and chief diversity officer at CMU.

Students have transformed the door of Duncan's room into a shrine of hope, covering it with dozens of uplifting and supportive messages.

Duncan has her own message to the person responsible.

"I'm sorry for how you feel and I feel sorry for you that you have such ignorance and a misunderstanding of people that you had to do something so awful like that. It upsets me, but I'm not afraid and neither are my roommates," Duncan said.

The university is asking if you have any information about the incident, to call the Office of Civil Rights and Institutional Equality at 989-774-3253. Or email

To see the full release, click here.

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