Tornado rips off roof

Several teams are surveying the destruction from two tornadoes that touched down in Shiawassee County on March 14.

The twisters damaged or destroyed several dozen structures and snapped trees like twigs.

Shiawassee County resident Joey Stinson lost the roof to his home.

“Oh man, it was crazy. So it’s 6:50 p.m. right, and I get this notification from the weather service and they’re like, ‘there’s a tornado coming. Seek shelter immediately.’ And like a responsible adult, I immediately went outside to go look at it,” Stinson said.

Stinson could not resist the urge to look at a tornado, even as it was barreling towards his home on M-71 in Durand.

“It didn’t look like a tornado to me. It looked more like a funnel that was trying its best. And it wasn’t until the glass shattered that I was actually going to the basement,” Stinson said.

After the storm passed, Stinson initially thought the twister only landed a glancing blow. But he was wrong.

“And then I turned the corner to go upstairs and when I saw the sunlight coming in through the roof and then I realized I didn’t have a roof. I was like maybe this was worse than I thought,” Stinson said.

In all, 60 structures sustained damage – 12 of those are considered a total loss.

As for Stinson, he expects his home to be torn down. But in the big picture, he is glad no one lost their lives during Mid-Michigan’s first bout with severe weather this year.

“I’m just grateful, man. Like most people would have the smart sense to go into a basement and not film a tornado coming at them. So I’m just glad no one got hurt, me especially. I like to live,” Stinson said.

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