U of M Flint students honor MLK with clean-up project


Schools and universities around the country were off on Monday and for many students, it was a nice, long weekend.

But in Flint, nearly 200 students did not take the day off. Instead, they got into the spirit of what the holiday means.

Jennifer Lynn actually planned to spend her day off cleaning up old cobwebs and dust.

She is a freshman honors English student at the University of Michigan in Flint.

There were no classes on Monday in honor of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, but that didn’t stop her from getting to work.

“To do something meaningful with my day off is more than just sitting around because then it’s not really a day off, it’s a more beneficial day to the community than my average day is,” Lynn said.

More than 200 students helped kick off U of M Flint’s community service projects.

They cleaned up 12 different parts of Flint to pay tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy.

The Silvester Broome Enrichment Center is getting all new renovations this year and that’s where the U of M students come in to volunteer.

Lynn is the project captain and brought along her sorority sisters to lend a hand. They helped the center clean up classrooms that desperately needed a little TLC.

“I’m very glad that we came here because I can definitely tell that their staff probably couldn’t do this on their own,” Lynn said. “And it’s necessary for the kids because when I was younger I didn’t want to be in a place with spiders and dust everywhere so it’s definitely beneficial so I’m more excited now that I’m here and seeing it.”

Lynn said the dirt and sweat is the least she could do for the birthday of the man that had a dream.

“I’m very grateful for what he’s done because he’s helped everyone’s lives from when he was alive and onward and he’ll continue to help for hundreds of years to come,” Lynn said.

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