Bay City UAW workers

The tentative agreement between General Motors and the United Auto Workers Union now awaits a vote from union members across the country.

The voting scheduled to begin this weekend as UAW workers continue to man the picket lines instructed to stay there until the voting is over.

"Tomorrow in our region we will be doing a regional roll out, here at 659," Steve Dawes said

With UAW council giving the green light on a new contract deal with general motors, Steve Dawes with UAW region 1-D said now it's up to the people on the picket lines to decide if they like it too.

Dawes said they will start giving out information and education to local leadership as early as tomorrow.

Then Dawes said by this weekend they should be able to bring most of the region’s UAW members up to speed.

"Starting Sunday, we will roll it out to the local unions,” he said. “We will have some rollouts in Bay City, Saginaw, Lansing. The first of the week will get another flight area.

Some highlights of the new contract include larger ratification bonuses, no caps on profit sharing, shortened path to permanent status, pay raises and no additional cost to healthcare.

Dawes said union members should be able to vote at their local union halls within a few days but first they want to make sure their members have all the information they need before casting their ballot.

“Everybody has had a lot of time to talk about it,” he said. “Field some questions, write down some questions so these roll outs are specifically. They’ll have a top committee there to kind of clear some specific questions, clarify any misconceptions and so they can understand it a little better.”

Once all the union members votes are collected, they will be sent to the union president in Detroit, to see if it has been unanimously approved.

Dawes said all of the votes will have to be in by 4 o’clock next Friday, and those votes will decide if this contract is ratified.

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