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Jobless claims have increased across the country.

The Department of Labor said another 893,000 first-time claims were filed last week. That’s up 53,000 compared to last week.

Despite the struggling economy, one manufacturing plant in Caro is in desperate need of workers.

Wow Plastics designs, molds, and distributes a wide variety of plastic products.

“We’re just not able to take on as much work because we just flat out don’t have the employees,” said David Allen, with Wow Plastics.

He said they are not alone.

“There is no shortage of manufacturing work out there. The shortage is people running it and it’s getting to be a big problem,” Allen said.

Allen said the problem is way bigger than just his plant.

“We’ve got customers that are counting on us to deliver product. If we can’t deliver parts to them, then they can’t do their second stage and third stage assemblies. So it slows the whole economy down,” Allen said.

Fifteen of the company’s presses are not being uses due to a shortage of workers, not a shortage of business.

“If we don’t have the employees to run the presses, that’s going to be a big concern,” Allen said.

Allen said they have a variety of jobs for almost any skill level.

He said he is prepared to hire as many as 15 new employees, and even more after they’ve been trained.

“People need to know that there is work out there,” Allen said.

If you are interested in applying, call 989-672-1300.

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Joe Coffee

So if they can hire 15 workers, they can avert "slowing down the economy?" Did the owner happen to mention the hourly wage or benefits provided? Or the safety precautions they exercise? These could possibly be factors in his hiring difficulties.

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