Unity Coalition announces plans to address violence, economic development

Pastors from different denominations gathered to announce a four-part plan to respond to the violence and rascal disparities in the Flint-area.

"Today is to move the city of Flint forward," Pastor Chris Martin said.

Martin said in light of the events this past weekend, they want the community to get involved.

"We want to know what young adults and young people are thinking. We want to get their thoughts and their issues," Martin said.

The plan set in place by the pastors will cover mentorship, blight, economic development, problems stemming from the water crisis, and the basics like bringing more healthy food options to the city.

"As pastors, we recognize that Flint is part of a food desert. We need a great grocery store that is accessible to all the residents in the city of Flint," Martin said.

Another part of the plan is prayer.

"We wanna make it clear that prayer must be a part of the equation. Prayer must be a part of the equation," Pastor Alfred Harris said.

On Saturday from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m., the Unity Coalition will offer "pull-over prayer" for anyone who needs it.

It will be offered at multiple locations in the city of Flint including the intersections of Clio and Dayton as well as Pierson and Dupont.

Drivers won’t need to leave the safety of their vehicles.

After this, the group will converge on Hallwood Plaza at 3 p.m.

The plaza was one of the scenes of multiple shootings from this past weekend.

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"In order for this vision to be realized, we need leaders in the community to invest," Pastor Reginald Flynn said.

The group said they will be helping the younger generation any way they can in person and online.

"We call all the parents of the community to partner with us in our efforts. We call on all elected officials and those that want to be elected to not wait every four years to visit our churches and to come into our communities and talk about what needs to happen," Martin said.

Another goal they have is to bring economic opportunity to those who need it most.

Organizers mentioned those between the ages of 16 and 24 can receive free career training, scholarships, certifications, and job placement assistance in different fields at Mott Community College.

Anyone who is interested can call 810-232-2512.

The North Flint Farmers Market is anticipating 32 new job opportunities, according to coalition members.

The North Flint Reinvestment Corporation is looking to hiring and train young adults as well.

Beautifying the community is another goal the coalition has by rehabilitating multiple properties.

The coalition is hoping hoping parents, elected officials, and the community at large will join them to fulfill their goals.

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