(WDSU/CNN) - A daycare for children with special needs is under investigation after a video surfaced showing the owner dragging a 1-year-old boy down the hall. 

The child's mother, Stephanie Kidd, said an employee at Special Angels Outreach in Luling, Louisiana, sent her the video on Jan. 17.

In the video, daycare owner Lori Bercegeay can be seen dragging the child by his arm.  Bercegeay admitted she could've handled the situation differently, but she said it wasn't  "malicious."

“[The boy] was walking at first, and I guess I was going a little too fast for him or whatever. He went kind of to his knees, and he was whining,” she said. “It was just a bad day. It wasn’t malicious.”

Bercegeay said the daycare center is a resource for children with intellectual and developmental differences. 

The child's parents filed a complaint with the St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office, but they're frustrated with the investigation. 

“I’m not getting any answers,” Kidd said. “It’s like it’s being swept under the rug."

Kidd chose to post the video to Facebook on Jan. 30 and asked other parents to share it.

"CPS is involved and doing their investigation but law enforcement is a joke!" she wrote. "Please share. I NEED HELP ... St Charles' juvenile division told us that there was nothing they could do because, apparently, they see it as him walking him down the hall!"

According to the sheriff's office, detectives reviewed the surveillance footage and spoke to employees about the incident. The agency then forwarded their investigation to the Louisiana Department of Education and its Department of Children and Family Services. The St. Charles Parish District Attorney’s Office office will also review the case.

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Parents need to take their children out of this day care. These kids need to be with someone that cares. She couldn’t even look at the camera or the reporter because she was guilty of pulling that toddler down the hall way. Had he been walking & fell, the dumb lady should have made a complete stop and waited for him to get up. She drugged that child and some one needs to drag her. How many other kids have been abused and can’t tell their parents.

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