Silvano Vanegas is wiping away hateful words he says vandals scrawled on his property overnight.

"I don't really know why it is happening, I mean it's not happening to any other businesses out here,” Vanegas said.

For the second time in a week, Vanegas said offensive and racist graffiti was painted on his business' garage door at Geek Easy Computers in downtown Kalamazoo.

"At first it just seemed like regular kids being kids doing gang graffiti but as it became more racially insensitive and charged, and we are more diverse it seemed more targeted,” Vanegas said.

The computer repair shop co-owner said on Tuesday morning one of his employees discovered the hate tag declaring “black lives don't matter” written in red.

"The bigotry, we don't need that here, we don't need that in Kalamazoo and we don't need that in the country,” Vanegas said.

A week earlier he says one or more perpetrators tagged his property with white supremacist symbols.

"They came back and there was a lot of gang graffiti on the garage door along with white supremacy and swastika stuff,” Vanegas said.

Vanegas said he filed a report with Kalamazoo Public Safety to find those responsible for the crime.

"We are definitely aware of it, we start investigations based on defacing property and we try to catch people who are committing these crimes,” Lt. David Thomas said.

Ultimately, he said he's disappointed but not surprised.

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