Image: Haunted Wedding Cake House

Vassar’s Wedding Cake House was built nearly 140-years ago, and some say it’s haunted.

“It’s not just us. There’s people from the community who have been in this house throughout the years and will not return to it,” said Jessica Dowe, the current homeowner.

Dowe and her family call the haunted house home and after five years of living there, she said they’ve seen some unexplainable things.

“It’s hard to talk about this stuff because I don’t want people thinking we’re crazy. But there’s stuff that’s happened that I don’t understand,” Dowe said.

She said they hear footsteps and voices; little things go missing and reappearing in different spots.

“At first I laughed every time something happened,” Dowe said.

Dowe said her five-year-old son sometimes talks to people who aren’t there.

“He’ll go into the stairwell and look straight up and say hey guys come down and play. And I’ll say who are you talking to? He says the kids upstairs. When he was little he told us about the bad man that would stand in the doorway of his room. He described a woman in a blue dress with a hole in her head that was in the playroom,” Dowe said.

The Dowe family wasn’t scared until Jessica’s accident with a bathroom mirror.

“It defies all logic the wat it fell over and broke. It cut me three inches deep, two inches wide. Hit every artery, muscle, everything,” Dowe said.

She said that as they searched for help wanting to learn the home’s history, the Travel Channel’s Ghost Brothers came out to investigate for their show.

“They’re great people, they’re funny. They were able to pull some things we had never heard of,” Dowe said.

The family plans to stay in the Wedding Cake House. They said the Ghost Brothers helped them out.

The show will air on Friday, Aug. 16 on the Travel Channel.

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