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Mateen Cleaves - with Unlawful Imprisonment, Assault with Intent to Commit Criminal Sexual Penetration, Criminal Sexual Conduct Second Degree, two counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct Third Degree

Former Michigan State University basketball star Mateen Cleaves was found not guilty on all charges on Tuesday, Aug. 20.

The jury delivered the verdict after deliberating for about an hour and a half.

Cleaves was accused of sexually assaulting a woman in 2015 at a Mundy Township motel.

Closing arguments wrapped up on Tuesday, Aug. 20.

The prosecution argued the alleged victim had been targeted by Cleaves, adding the alleged assault had a traumatic impact on the woman.

"The impact this had on her. Particularly, what we heard from her ex-boyfriend. What did he say? Before any of this happened [the alleged victim] was full of life, energetic, wanted to go out, wanted to have fun," the prosecution said in closing arguments. "After this, what changed? She became very withdrawn."

The prosecution argued the alleged victim had been highly intoxicated and Cleaves took advantage of her.

Video surveillance shown in court showed the woman leaving the motel with Cleaves bringing her back in.

The woman said she was trying to escape, but also admitted to kissing him because she was afraid refusing could affect her job at a local charity.

The defense claimed the incident was consensual.

The prosecution argued police did not do enough for the woman and favored Cleaves. But the defense said that does not fill the holes in their case.

"If you believe them when they say Ogle wasn't being truthful, I caution you. Police officers shouldn't take a role in who is truthful and who's not. He has pled not guilty, but who wants to be truthful when you cheated on your wife," the defense said.

The prosecution claimed Cleaves was guilty because of his lack of concern for the alleged victim following the alleged assault.

"The defendant's actions are inconsistent with innocence," the prosecution said.

The prosecution also said Cleaves tried to leave the scene before police arrived and never admitted to police that night that he had sexual relations with the woman.

The defense question if the prosecution had truly proven their case.

"Let's hope she gets up and shows you how she proved beyond a reasonable doubt that this was not a consensual affair between those two people in that room by themselves," the defense said during closing arguments.

The defense finished by telling jurors the prosecution had disrespected true victims of sexual assault.

"I do think she disrespected true victims of sexual assault. I treated her with respect, she disrespected this process. It's between Mateen's fault then it's the police's fault," the defense argued.

The jury began deliberating just before 1 p.m. The verdict was delivered shortly before 4:30 p.m.

"We are disappointed in the jury's verdict, but we respect their decision. We are proud of the work of our prosecution team who worked tirelessly for justice on behalf of the victim in this case," said Maria Miller, Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor. 

Cleaves was charged with criminal sexual conduct, assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct, and unlawful imprisonment. The jury found him not guilty on all charges.

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