Green Cemetery after tornado

Clean up is underway in Shiawassee County after two tornadoes touched down in the county.

The county is taking volunteers for anyone who would like to help.

However, some people have already begun cleaning up themselves.

“I just picked up a bunch of sticks and branches and limbs there was a lot down here,” said Zachary Trinkle, a Vernon resident.

The EF1 tornado that's path of destruction ripped through the small village of Vernon on Thursday night, March 14 missed Trickle’s home, but it didn’t miss something that he holds near and dear to his heart.

“It was a mess like I said a bunch of branches and it was raining but I still felt like I should go out and do it,” Trinkle said.

Trinkle felt the pull to do something to help his community.

He donated water to Shiawassee County residents in need but that just wasn't enough.

He checked on the Greenwood Cemetery in town and too was impacted by the 125 mph tornado.

It’s the final resting place for six of his family members.

“I don’t know I just felt like it was important someone wouldn’t really think of doing it and I was kind of bored because the power is out,” Trinkle said.

But he didn’t just clean his family plots he went around to the rest of the headstones picking up branch after branch and putting back flowers where they rightfully belonged, loading his whole truck bed to the brim.

Trinkle said there's still lots of work that needs to be done because some branches were too large for him to grab.

Much of Vernon and even surrounding communities are waiting to hear back about final numbers and exactly how they can help.

But Trinkle said he’s seeing good deeds all around him.

“Maybe they could go out ask someone if they need help or their neighbor or go down the street just anyone or go do stuff on their own,” Trinkle said.

In the days, weeks, and maybe even months of clean up that his community has left, Trinkle is optimistic that this disaster will make them closer in the end.

“I just hope we can all get passed it and slowly move on from it,” Trinkle said.

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