IMAGE: Veteran and family living out of camper

When Andy Williams came back from the army he didn't expect to be without a home.

"It bugs me, it really does,” he said. “It bothers me that my family has to go through this."

He served and fought for more than 13 years. Since February, Andy, his wife and three kids have been living inside a camper.

"I have my two little girls and my little boy to worry about,” Andy said. “They can't be living like this. They're supposed to start school soon. It's not suitable for my family to stay in a camper and not know where we're going to be at next."

That's why Andy and his wife Tiffany have been reaching out to multiple organizations trying to get help.

"Nobody had answers for us, nobody," Tiffany said. “We were even told we needed to go to the homeless shelter. You know what the homeless shelter told me? My husband would have to go to one floor and me and my kids would have to go somewhere else. We wouldn't even be able to stay together."

They said Andy got a severance pay when he came back home to Clio, but the VA is holding his checks. For now, they're living off food stamps and just trying to raise their kids.

"He tries to be dad when he can be,” Tiffany said. “He's been gone a lot. He battles PTSD pretty bad. He's trying to just find out where he's at, where's he's supposed to be."

Thankfully they contacted Veteran Village USA.

"They helped us out with getting our phones back on,” Tiffany said. “So he had access to the VA.

Different things like that, like gas money."

Dan Schmier from Veteran Village said, "We're a no red tape organization. We collect money. We put money out that day. So, if a vet needs food, we'll feed them."

They've also found a mobile home to move into though, it's still too small for their family.

"We settled on what we could get, which is honestly too small for us,” Tiffany said. “But it's a little bit bigger than that, so I guess we'll make it work."

Unless somebody else can help them out.

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(3) comments


Something is fishy here. Military members only get severance pay (involuntary separation pay), so he must have gotten a dishonorable discharge. Why should anyone feel sorry for him if he was the one that took the wrong road in life.


So I'm unsure about these people. In May they purchased $500 in fencing from me (you can see it behind the camper). They paid $300 and promised to send a check for additional $200, which never happened. I assumed a vet would keep his word. So if they are having money issues why would they spend the $300 in the first place on fencing, with no where to live? Be cautious and investigate before helping.


Why are his checks being withheld?

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