Veteran in desperate need of help as his home falls apart


Home is where the heart is. Sometimes, even when that home is broken.

"It's all I have. I've got nowhere else to go,” Gregory Shack said.

With nowhere else to turn, Shack set his pride to the side, hoping he can get some help to stay in the only home he's ever known.

A home, and a life, that he said is slowly falling into disrepair.

"I have so many issues that they just, they pile up on top of each other,” Shack said.

Outside of the four years he spent in the army during the Vietnam War, Shack has lived in the Owosso home.

However, he said serious health issues four years ago sent his life into a spiral. He can no longer work. So, when his furnace went out two years ago he hasn't been able to replace it.

Many nights, he wears his winter coat to minimize the shivering, but his coat and four space heaters have hardly helped.

“Very, very cold. Even in August, I’m cold. I’m very cold,” Shack said.

Running the space heaters has also been costly. He owes more than $1,800 to Consumers Energy.

“I’ve had shutoff notices but I’ve always paid it,” Shack said.

Sadly, the problems keep mounting.

In his kitchen, he has a stove that no longer works. The home’s plumbing is another issue. He has to turn on the water at the main each time he showers because the water keeps running.

Shack said his home is his everything, but his everything needs help before it’s too late.

Home Depot's "Team Depot" has made contact with Shack and they hope to find grant money to help replace some of his flooring and appliances as part of a $10,000 grant to help veterans.

However, they said they wouldn't be able to do the bigger projects like plumbing and replacing his furnace.

If you or someone you know can help Gregory Shack, call 810-232-3900 or 989-758-2044. You can also email us at

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