Three stolen trailers were recovered after one of the victims discovered what appeared to be his property for sale online.

Saginaw’s Jason Webb is feeling lucky after his stolen trailer was found just hours after it went missing.

The theft was captured on his business surveillance cameras and shows the suspect driving away with Webb’s trailer attached.

“I just randomly put them up yesterday, on a whim to try it out. And it just so happens I got hit this morning, 6:15 a.m. with activity. And caught this guy with his truck stealing my trailer from the parking lot. "

But it wasn’t just one trailer recovered at a home on Mason Street in Saginaw on Friday. Three trailers were recovered from the property.

Two were in the driveway, including Webb’s, and the third was tucked into the home’s garage.

Saginaw Township Det. Sergeant Chad Brooks said it all started after a victim spotted his property for sale online.

“He found his potential stolen trailer on Facebook, he made arrangement to meet the individual here on North Mason and possibly buy it. He was posing as a customer,” said Brooks.

While Brooks doesn’t advise the actions, it led them to arrest the homeowner.

The suspect in the case has not yet been charged.

Webb said he’s impressed how quickly this case was solved and credits the community and social media.

“It goes on every day; a lot more than we think. But like I said, put people together, put it out virally on Facebook, and through the community, we can crack down on these guys.”

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