Virtual assistant: Testing out Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant

(Source: WNEM)

Welcome to the future, where we can control the world around us with just our voices.

“Hey Siri,” “Alexa,” and “Ok, Google” are phrases that command anything from scheduling to making phone calls to turning on kitchen appliances.

Alexa lives in devices in your home like the Echo or Echo Dot. While, Siri and Google Assistant have home pod versions, they also can be used from your smartphone.

Each system has similar functions, but which one is the most helpful?

Siri is able to handle questions about the Tigers record, the state of the stock market, and what was trending on Twitter, but fell short when it came to specific questions - either getting confused or just providing a web search.

Google Assistant does slightly better at answering questions than Siri, and provides clearer answers for traffic and directions.

However, like Siri, it defaulted to a Google search for many questions.

Alexa gives clear answers to questions and is connected to Amazon, so it’s able to place orders. She performs the most commands, like playing music and giving a news briefing, as well as answer the most questions.

Of course, which system you choose will still come down to your preference. Siri and Google Assistant have their clear advantages, especially for their portability.

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