Vitamin D rich foods

If you've ever been in the same boat as Michaella Corcoran, you might work endlessly and tried everything, but you still can't lose weight and feel awful.

“I was just drained and worn out. I was just like fatigued all the time. I felt like I couldn't focus,” Corcoran said. 

At her wits end, Corcoran reached out to a professional for help.

Rachel Trumble is a dietitian with Sarah Fechter Fitness in Saginaw and after hearing of her new client's symptoms, it alerted her to a common problem for Michiganders which is a vitamin D deficiency. 

"Vitamin D is very, very important and especially for individuals in Michigan. We lack it because we have very, very dark winter months," Trumble said. 

Vitamin D is produced in the body as a response to sunlight and shows up naturally in food. It's essential in the body because it allows calcium to be used to build strong bones.

"I always tell them first and foremost to get lab work done because those numbers are going to tell you exactly what you're missing in your body and your true nutritional status," Trumble said. 

Blood work was the first step in Corcoran’s journey. Her results from the doctor came back with surprising numbers. Her vitamin D levels were incredibly low.

According to her doctor, Corcoran should have anywhere from 30-100 nano-grams of vitamin D per milliliter of blood, but Michaella only had an extremely low 5.6.

"No wonder I was feeling so bad," Corcoran said.

Corcoran’s doctor immediately prescribed her a dose of vitamin D and with a new dietitian at hand they went to work on creating a vitamin D rich diet.

TV5 went along with Trumble around the SVRC marketplace and were able to find foods high in vitamin D at almost every single vendor. 

"This is some beautiful kale leafs, really high in calcium and we tend to forget that. And they offer things like salmon. Salmon would be a great one over here and I mean hello calcium in all these different varieties [cheese],” Trumble said.

Corcoran was able to stop the supplements with help from her diet in a few short months. She now relies solely on her vitamin D diet and her new tests show impressive results.

"I feel shocked. I feel amazing that it changed so much. I mean this is just between eating. It's just crazy," Corcoran said.

Corcoran hopes her story spreads awareness to anyone struggling to feel their best and there is hope out there with the right team, right food, and right vitamins behind you.

"I feel more alive," Corcoran said.

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