Flint neighborhood clean up

Mid-Michigan residents who are tired of seeing blight in their neighborhood are finally getting the help they've asked for.

The Hamilton Community Health Network and the North Flint Neighborhood Action Council teamed up to revitalize two neighborhoods in the vehicle city.

The hope is cleaning things up will make the neighborhood safer for everyone to live in.

“It looks bad in the neighborhood,” said Jennifer, a Flint resident. “We just kind of fed up about it, we feel forgotten.”

The people who live in this Flint neighborhood see crumbling homes, smashed windows, and crime on every street.

But they’re not letting it define their home any more.

“We are so tired of this,” Jennifer said.

Armed with paint brushes and hammers, these volunteers are cleaning up the neighborhood on Sherman Avenue on the north side of the city.

“We boarded up some houses, we’re painting those we boarded, cleaning up debris and making it a better places and safer place in this area,” said Sandra Johnson, the Project Manager at Hamilton Community Health Network.

The idea is pretty simple, make the space a more beautiful place to live in and reduce the crime that’s plaguing the community.

“It’s a physical opportunity to make neighborhoods better and safer, if the abandoned homes are boarded, there’s less chance of squatters or violence, drug violence,” Johnson said. “We want our children to walk to the park safely and families to be able to come out into their own neighborhood.”

This is just the beginning. The cleanup was made possible by a $1 million grant to the Hamilton Community Health Network.

The Illuminating Community Change Project is all in effort to reduce crime in north Flint.

They also beautified the Foss Avenue neighborhood.

“It’s been a long process, but us here in the neighborhood are glad to see some things getting tore down and things are happening,” Jennifer said.

The Illuminating Community Change Project is working to plan more events and how to use the grant to create long standing change in Flint.

To help out, visit the North Flint Neighborhood Action Council's website.

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