Samaritas Community Center in Saginaw

Volunteers gathered at the Samaritas Community Center as the Saginaw Shiawassee Habitat for Humanity participated in the 2018 Building on Faith event.

The mismatched and worn down colors of the Samaritas Community Center in Saginaw is a thing of the past thanks to a combined effort with Habitat for Humanity, Samaritas, and Thrivent Financial.

“We are the only evening free meal in Saginaw at this point during Monday through Friday so folks can come and get a free hot meal and we also have after school and summer school programs for kids in the neighborhood so the building gets a lot of wear and tear,” said Dee Dee McVedy with Samaritas. 

More than 100 volunteers will join in on this weekend’s Building on Faith event.

This year is a little different because the community center plans on opening its doors as a charter school in the fall of 2019.

The work that’s done will give the building a fresh look and a fresh start.

“We really believe that the wrap around services that we’re providing for kids in the charter school can really help them focus on their education. We want to address the family needs and the kiddos needs so that they can focus on their school and succeed,” McVedy said.

Even if you’re not a student of the new school volunteers want to make sure everyone feels welcomed with open arms, especially during Michigan’s rough winters.

“We’re working with volunteers to just make a difference so that this is a warm welcoming place for our kids when they come after school because sometimes these kids don’t have a warm place to go so we want this to be it,” said Diana Butler with Thrivent Financial.

But their hard work and generosity doesn’t stop at the community center.

Once the community center is all cleaned up and has a fresh coat of paint the volunteers will move on to the Wickes Park Neighborhood where they will clean up houses in that area.

Anyone who would like to be part of Building of Faith 2018 can visit their website.


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