Voter fraud claims addressed by Secretary of State


“Michigan had a 102.54 percent of the eligible electorate registered to vote. You want a 100 percent but no more,” said Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson talking about one of the voting irregularities she discovered when she took office in 2008.

Voter fraud is a hot topic after President Donald Trump said it was the reason why he lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton.

Johnson said there is no evidence of wide-spread voter fraud in the 2016 election, but said she’s working hard to clean-up Michigan’s voter database.

“We found 482,000 dead people,” said Johnson.

She said she also targeted many non-citizens who entered the country legally and mistakenly became registered to vote when they got a driver’s license.

“A number of non-citizens registered to vote. And then when they get their voter card thought they should. We have found and removed 3,300 non-citizens.”

Johnson said the only way to ensure integrity in our elections is for state and federal government to work together so everyone knows who’s eligible to vote and who is not.

“I don’t think this is a huge problem. But anytime we leave any loophole open, it can cause trouble. And it simply needs to be fixed.”

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